Bold Ruler House

The 63,354-square-foot Exhibition Hall is climate-controlled and equipped with a show office, ticket offices, and a full kitchen and concession stand, as well as phone, fax and Internet capabilities.


It offers parking adjacent to the building and easy access for large-scale installations. Floor-to-ceiling dividers can be used to create two separate 31,587-square-foot areas. Outside are two 20,000-square-foot asphalt pads and a 5½-acre festival loop.

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[image title=”Exhibition Hall 1″ alt=”Exhibition Hall 1″][/image]
[image title=”Exhibition Hall 2″ alt=”Exhibition Hall 2″][/image]
[image title=”Exhibition Hall 3″ alt=”Exhibition Hall 3″][/image]
[image title=”Exhibition Hall 4″ alt=”Exhibition Hall 4″][/image]
[image title=”Exhibition Hall 5″ alt=”Exhibition Hall 5″][/image]

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